Thursday, November 10, 2011

khwab aankhon mein
bune kuch is kadar,
ke palkhen ab jhapakne
manzooor nahi...

raah mein chal pade
kuch is kadar
ki in kadmon ko
ab rukna manzoor nahi...

hosale buland hai
kuch is kadar
manzil ki fikar
ab humein nahi...

chahe toh tham le
yeh haath tu abhi
ki shayad iss mod par
kal hum ho nahi..

- Eon Heath


Kunal said...

Your verse contains name of my blog..

'Hausle Buland' :D

And meaningful lines...

Simran said...

Beautiful and touching! :)
Missed your so many beautiful posts..but now will try my best to read and send my feedback :)
Keep Expressing!

Beyond Horizon said...

Keep Going, that's all I can say here.

Eon Heath said...

ok...thats a coincidence...but i should say, now that u mentioned, i doo remmebr a blog by that name....the paths have been crossed before..

Eon Heath said...

i dont think u missed out much...wasnt blogging for long..

Eon Heath said...

keep walking...

Manshaa said...

The ending stanza is the best part of the poem. The right end note gives your poem a sense of completeness :-)

Liked it :-)

pandiaaaaa said...

in four stanza, you sweeped across three domains - love, life and dreams, and in doing so beautiful enamoured the readers with a radiant hope...loved it

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